maile cardigan for bebe…

11 Jun

Maile Baby Sweater urbanpocketknife

One of the easiest ways to practice making clothes for yourself is to make one for a baby.  Very little commitment, ripping out wrong rows doesn’t make your heart lurch as much and one skein usually does the trick.

My friend was preggers and has now had her baby but for her shower I knitted up this ultra cute cardigan inspired by a Hawaiian vine.  I found the adorable Maile pattern on Ravlery and quickly got to work.  I had no idea if it was going to be a boy or a girl so I picked a lighter blue heather shade because seriously, girls don’t always have to wear pink!

Maile Baby Sweater urbanpocketknife

There was some lacing action happening at the bottom but I took it out in case it turned out to be a boy.  Turns out it came out a girl!  Added some red buttons I had on hand that came from one of those mixed bags where you have no idea if you’ll find matching ones and I think it turned out rather cute, despite the fact that I had to rip it out once.

Maile Baby Sweater urbanpocketknife

The pattern is crazy adorable and easy to follow even though it got a little tight around the needles when you join the sleeves.  I made a matching hat and booties but I have no idea where those pictures went!

I used Berrocco Vintage DK which is a mix of merino and nylon…I think it’s my new favourite yarn to work with!


One Response to “maile cardigan for bebe…”

  1. Jill June 11, 2012 at 9:36 am #

    The sweater is beautiful! Cordelia came out pretty small (under 6 lbs), so she’ll need a bit more time to grow into it. I can’t wait! Even though she’s a girl, blue is my favourite colour and she’ll have to get used to wearing it : ) The booties and hat have been worn at least every other day and the amazing afghan is used daily! Thanks, Super Serena!

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