chinese zodiac crochet stuffies for bebe…

30 May

chinese zodiac toys urbanpocketknife

So I might have gone a little crazy with the baby gifts but I just couldn’t resist making this trio when I found out the parents were born in the year of the rabbit and their baby was due this year which happens to be the year of the dragon.

Plus it’s all the rage now for kids to have fabric and “natural” fibre toys so even though she’s way too young to play with these, I thought it would be fun for the parents to get them once they had their baby dragon.

chinese zodiac toys urbanpocketknife

Daddy of course had to had a tie, so I added it to the original pattern.  His ears are made out of left over fabric I had sewn on with embroidery thread.

chinese zodiac toys urbanpocketknife

Mommy originally had a flower by her ear but I made a bow instead because the flowers were looking a little too big.

chinese zodiac toys urbanpocketknife

Baby dragon was an adorable pattern but I made his eyes quite a bit bigger.

chinese zodiac toys urbanpocketknife

I also added some wings since the original pattern didn’t have any.  I’m thinking these guys can be the basis for the illustrations for a custom baby book we were thinking of putting together!


3 Responses to “chinese zodiac crochet stuffies for bebe…”

  1. agujasblog May 31, 2012 at 8:00 pm #

    I love these! Nice job and adds to the patterns.

  2. jlstotts May 30, 2012 at 9:27 pm #

    these are adorable! I’ve recently started trying out some amigurumi, but I’m wondering how you make the ends look so neat! where ever i make my last round, i can’t figure out a way to tuck it in, and make it not look chunky. any tips?

    • munchykitty May 30, 2012 at 9:33 pm #

      If you’re not closing a round (open ended like a tube), I slip stitch the next stitch, cut the yarn long and then pull the tail through the last loop to end. If you’re closing a ball, I do the same but then take the tail and weave in and out of the last stitches and pull it tight to close. If I make a knot anywhere, I just take the tail and pull it through to the other side of the piece so that the knot pulls back towards the inside so it is unseen. Hope that helps!

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