triple porky pork low carb burger!

28 Feb

triple pork burger urbanpocketknife

I said it was low carb not fat-free or cholesterol free!  This meat order we didn’t get a ton of beef or lamb because we got a half piglet instead.  Oh my so much piglet.  I was craving a hamburger one evening so I defrosted some ground pork and was brainstorming how I could up the fat and flavour content.

Scrounging through my freezer I found a hunk of bacon fat and a air dried smokie sausage….perfect.  Paired with a low carb bagel (those actually do exist but you have to hunt for it, 10 grams of carbs per bagel instead of the usually 40-60), we had tasty juicy burger with a side of fresh argula.  Yum!

Here’s the recipe!

What you need!
1 lb ground pork
1 hunk of bacon fat or bacon with meat
1 air dried sausage like a smokie or chorizo
1 egg
5 low carb buns or bagels
toppings for the burger (we used homemade ketchup, mustard, sliced apple, jalapeno havarti  and red onion)

What to do!

1.  Take your bacon and sausage and chop it roughly so you can put it through your food processor

2. Here we go!  Give it a few whirls around and watch that bacon fat mix in!

triple pork burger urbanpocketknife

3.  Mmmm, meat paste.  Mix this into your ground pork along with the egg.  I used a touch of seasoning (a smoke rub with paprika and chilis) but not too much because the sausage is crazy salty and seasoned already.

triple pork burger urbanpocketknife

4.  Form into 5 patties, less if you are a fatty fat and more if you want to make cute sliders.  I throw ’em in the fridge for a bit so they firm up.  Not adding breadcrumbs makes them a little bit floppier so the egg helps to keep them together.

triple pork burger urbanpocketknife

5.  Fry them in a pan or on the bbq to your preferred doneness.  Some like it well, some say medium is fine, I cook it until it’s just barely pink in the middle with tons of juice running out still so that it’ll finish “cooking” once I pull it off the heat.

6.  Toast up your bread and throw on the toppings!  I made some arugula salad with simple lemon oil dressing with a pinch of salt and pepper.  Take a big ol bite of your low carb burger and marvel at it’s wonders!

triple pork burger urbanpocketknife


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