big ol crocheted tree blanket…

24 Feb

tree blanket urbanpocketknife

This winter instead of crocheting countless numbers of hats, mittens and scarfs that I can’t even wear in this blasted mild weather, I decided we needed a tv blanket.  My grammie used to always knit us our own personal tv blanket to snuggle up on the couch with so I guess this was inspired by her.

The pattern is called Tree of Life by Lion Brand I believe but of course, like with every pattern, I altered it so it would be the right size.

Ok, so I didn’t shell out the big bucks and made this out of the softest merino you could imagine, instead I bought those super discount giant Bernat acrylic balls that you find at Zellers.  It still ended up costing around $50 but it’ll still last for ages.

tree blanket urbanpocketknife

I loved this pattern because you don’t often find raised motifs in crochet and the twisty branches were just plain cool.  It’s about 5 feet by 4ish feet I would say, give or take so definitely big enough to cozy up with your other half on the couch or cover yourself completely while taking a midday snooze.

tree blanket urbanpocketknife

I figure I can pretend this is a heritage blanket that is going to pass down the family tree even though it was just really a good way to spend the rainy season indoors!


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