back to being old timey…dyeing yarn!

8 Feb

hand painted yarn dyeing urbanpocketknife

As if knitting isn’t labourious enough, I got this crazy notion to start dyeing my own yarn so that I could customize the colours and avoid those ultra expensive but to-die-for hand dyed yarns I see in wool boutiques.

The idea spawned when I was in Wool Is Not Enough in their new location on Cordova.  My favourite Araucania Ronco wool yarn is discontinued and she had a bunch of hanks on sale for 60% off!  But alas the colours weren’t to my liking and she suggested that I could dye them.

Could I resist?  Not really, so I bought her entire stock (we’re talking about 100% wool here people and about 4 sweaters worth) and walked out determined that I could dye the lot and make it my own.

Turns out, it’s not really that hard and these are some photos to show you the process.  No real instructions because there are too many methods involved.  Click on the images for a larger view.




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