third floor visitor…

5 Jan

third floor visitor squirrel urbanpocketknife

We have a lot of street animals living in our hood.  A cat that belongs to someone down the road frequents our building because there are about 8 of us that let him in and leave food out for him.  There are skunks in every corner of the street, a nursery of racoons in trees, giant seagulls on pathways.  It’s quite a site to see considering we live downtown.

Our building is covered in vines that can sometimes grow into our house through the cracks of our windows.  I always here ruckus at the side of our building but just assumed it was the pigeons fighting for roosting space.  I was totally wrong.

Even though we live on the third top floor, squirrels like to chase each other along the vines of our building.  And often I see them running across our bay windows in our living room.  It’s like a puppet show.

I caught one in action on my camera finally while le cat was getting ready to pounce.  I wonder if they would come in if we had the windows open?


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