hello flying visitor…

30 Dec

cassin's finch urbanpocketknife

One evening, I opened the door to our unlit tiny patio balcony to check on some dehydrators…something flew by my head and straight into the kitchen.  My first thought was that it wasn’t a bug, it was something much bigger….a bat?!?!?  I looked around the kitchen and didn’t see anything.  Was I going crazy?  Then at the top of my dish shelf pops out an adorable bird!

Milo (our cat) freaks out and starts pouncing all over the kitchen…good god…you’ve never been entertained in the kitchen until you see your cat wearing a t-shirt trying to catch a bird that is confused.

cassin's finch urbanpocketknife

This little guy flew all over our apartment while the three of us (cat included) chased it around.  Of course the other half was none to pleased with my taking pictures instead of actually helping.

cassin's finch urbanpocketknife

This little guy had a knack of perching on our crown moulding near our 9′ ceiling which was just of reach.  Finally he found refuge in my hanging spider plant and the plant along with the bird were carefully transplanted back outside.

After going through a bird identifier, I found out this guy is a Cassin’s Finch!


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