rangoli…the other vij’s….

10 Nov

We used to live so close to the famous Vij’s restaurant in south Granville but we never managed to venture out there.  One fine summer day, we made a beeline to go there to celebrate our new apartment and stopped at Rangoli first.  It was a mixture of wanting a lot of food and that there was no wait so in we went and sat on the patio.

There’s always something quite beautiful about metal beverage containers like the copper water pot above.  It almost instantly transports you to another world. We asked the waiter if the main dishes were large and he said they were good sizes.  He was right but hungry people like us ordered three entries…teehee!

Our first dish was the braised shortribs. Super tender, fall off the bone short ribs were drowned in a Kalonji curry sauce.  On the side came these wonderful pickled veggies that contrasted the richness of the meat well.  We kept on dipping the naan back into the curry!

Our second dish was the portobello and red pepper curry on paneer.  I’ve come to love vegetable curries in Indian cuisine because they are usually coupled with creamier curries and are complex in flavour without all the heat.  The portobellos sucked up all the flavour and delivered a burst full of goodness in your mouth.  Pickled beets on the side were sweet, tangy and earthy.

The last one we ordered was the goat and jackfruit…ummm….so we scarfed it down before I managed to take a photo of it.  Oops!  There was a coconut cabbage salad that came with it that was very interesting.

Besides all the wonderful main dishes, I highly recommend getting the chai too.  It’s creamy, sweet and not overly spicy and just plain wonderful!


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