meat and bread in gastown…

8 Nov

meat and bread gastown urbanpocketknife

Our good friend invited us to lunch one day in Gastown and he recommended that we head to Meat and Bread, his new favourite lunch spot.  Located on Cambie at Cordova, this place is only opened at lunchtime and seems to be always bustling.

First impressions was that this place was run by guys.  Only a handful of menu items keeping it real simple to order, a large communal table and an assembly line way of putting together the food.

A large blackboard shows what’s available for the day, a few sandwich options with some tasty sides.  The star of the show is the porchetta sandwich (pictured above).  A big hunk of Pemberton Meadows Beef Chuck is carved by a guy as orders come in.  It’s then finished off with Hoisin Glaze, Sesame Cabbage Slaw Pea Sprouts,  and Sweet Soy Mayo for $8.00 on a ciabatta bun.  Not the cheapest sandwich out there but it’s quite tasty and filling.

The side of the day was a fresh tomato and cucumber salad that was nice and tangy for $4.00.

meat and bread gastown urbanpocketknife

The special that day was butter chicken served with a dollop of housemade mustard.  Each sandwich comes on a cutting board adding to the rustic charm of this joint.  Tender chicken with some red onions and arugula made for a great sandwich.

We’ve been back a few times because it’s quick, always delicious and satisfying!


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