carmelized onion and apple chutney/jam…

2 Nov

As the summer season harvest comes to an end, so does the massive canning sessions!  The fall and winter is a leisurely time for canning as produce winds down and we are left with wintery produce like beets, carrots and apples.

Today I am making walla walla onion chutney with a few apples thrown in for good measure.  Scouring the internet for recipes didn’t come up very hopeful as onions have a very high PH and therefore is usually recommended to pressure can instead of the ‘ol water bath method.

However I did find a good looking recipe from Hitchhiking to Heaven, the vinegar content was quite high in comparison to most recipes and I made sure to use some tart apples to lower the PH as well, plus apples have pectin which would help thicken up the whole lot!

I got some giant walla walla onions from Klippers and a mix of Braeburn and Mutsu apples….love their produce…love.

I would say this preserve is more of a jammy consistency as I had to cook the onions down quite a while and the resulting mush was very jammy-like.  The sweetness of the walla wallas and the apples really come through so it’s tangy and sweet all at once…yum.

Here’s the recipe!

What you need!
9 giant walla walla onions
7 apples (mix of Braeburn and Mutsus)
7 cups of vinegar with at least 5% acidity (I used mostly red wine vinegar, a few cups of berry vinegar I made and a splash of balsamic)
6 cups of brown sugar not packed
2 tbsp of freshly ground pepper
6 bay leaves
A whole whack of time

What to do!

1.  Peel and slice your onions thinly.  To help cook everything down I started with 3 pots/pans to get the onions going, cook on med-high heat until soft

2.  Peel and chop your apples and add everything else into the pots.  I kinda dumped everything in one big giant pot, stirred and then divided them amongst other pots to help evaporate the liquid faster.

3.  Cook until almost all the liquid is gone, test it by running a spoon across the bottom of the chutney, it should leave a gap with the liquid slowly closing it again.  Use your judgement

4.  Do your normal canning routine with sterilized jars and process for 15 minutes.

Feel free to cut down the recipe if it seems too daunting but remember don’t change the ratios or it might not be the right PH and can be unsafe to can!  Of course you could always freeze and pop these babies in the fridge if you want to skip the whole canning process.

Spread it on fresh bread with soft cheese, top burgers with it, use it as a spread in sandwiches….it’s a lovely savoury sweet delight!


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