Killer Seafood & Pizza…what a weird combo

27 Oct

killer pizza urbanpocketknife

Apparently only recently opened before this summer, Killer Pizza is one of those unexpected hidden gems that you may or may not walk into if you’re passing by.  It screams pizza joint but the advertisements boasts amazing seafood at a great price.  Their special outside was a full lobster for $16 with all the fixins which seems to good to be true considering all the pizza pics behind it.

It’s a fairly simple layout, not a ton on the menu featuring some pizzas and a seafood dinner section.  The decor is retro modern, clean but again kinda awkward in concept.

Pictured above was a very lovely Bouillabaise filled with big chunks of salmon and cod fish, mussels, shrimp, and clams all drowned in a nice tomato broth.  The menu claims that there is saffron in there although I didn’t detect any, and a splash of white wine in there would’ve made this over the top.  At $13 you can’t beat the value, the seafood was fresh, perfectly cooked and the portion was quite large.

We had to try one of the pizzas too so we decided on the Killer Shrimp & Mango Salsa, the most unusual sounding one on the menu.

killer pizza urbanpocketknife

Behold the pizza!  It’s a nice large size at $11 with some very fresh ingredients.  No puny shrimp here, they use the real stuff with a pile of mango salsa and cherry tomatoes in the center.  The pizza sauce was a little on the mild side but it was fairly tasty and again, cooked just right.

The owner is incredible friendly, the concept is a little off even though the food is really great (and it’s affordable!).  We definitely will head back here again and hope they become a staple in our neighbourhood!


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