my new favourite jam….tayberry

27 Sep

tayberry jam urbanpocketknife

I had no idea what a tayberry was until this summer.  We went to Bissett Farms (aka Westham Island Winery) to pick some strawberries and found these lovely berries to pick as well.  Tayberries are a cross between loganberries (think of the red juice from Ikea) and blackberries.  They’re a dark red-purple when they’re ripe, a little bit tart and a floral finish.

The bushes were a little sparse so I only managed to pick enough for one batch of jam.  I wish I had picked more!  It is probably one of the best jams in my pantry right now!

tayberry jam urbanpocketknife

Because they were so ripe, they made a really nice intense coloured jam.

tayberry jam urbanpocketknife

The seeds are less hard then a raspberry so I didn’t end up straining any of them out, they don’t tend to get wedged in your teeth like raspberry seeds.

tayberry jam urbanpocketknife

Spread on a bagel with some cream cheese….man that’s a good jam!

I used Pomona’s Universal Pectin so that I could use less sugar.  The basic recipe is 4 cups of mashed fruit, the recommended amount of pectin on the package and 1 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of lemon juice.  It makes about 5-6 250ml jars and isn’t too sweet, besides, the fruit picked ripe is sweet enough!


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