bring it on winter, I’ve got a POP!

26 Sep

pantry of preserves urbanpocketknife

It’s official, I have furniture designed to hold all my preserves.  The Pantry of Preserves or POP for short is slowing being filled to the max with the bounty of BC (mainly the Okanagon) so that when the inevitable rainy season of Vancouver comes in full force, we’ll always have a taste of summer inside.

The adventure started last year with a small project of roasting tomatoes and canning them.  Back then, one crate (about 25lbs) of tomatoes seemed like an awesome feat but now a days, one crate seems like child’s play!  Over the winter months, I expanded to bigger operations with my loyal canning friend I met at the Vancouver Winter’s Market.  We were given crates and crates of apples so of course we made apple sauce and our famous apple butter and chutney.

When spring came rolling around this year I decided to make it my summer goal to can as much as I could to stock up our pantry.  The idea was to reduce store bought canned items by at least 80%.  And voila.  It worked.

Not only do I do small batches here and there and then large all day/night batches with my canning friend (these are ambitious days with at least 4 kinds of things cooking at once), I bought a mini deep freeze to store soup stock and berries that we picked earlier in the season.

pantry of preserves urbanpocketknife

Why all the madness?  First and foremost is flavour.  It’s amazing how things taste better when you use fruit and veggies that are in season.  Natural preservatives like lemon juice and vinegar and no artificial colours of flavours.

Second?  Variety.  Things I have in my pantry would be hard to find in a grocery store.

Third?  Economical.  I get a lot of my canning fruits and veggies for free because I volunteer so the only thing I need to buy is the jars and some of the small ingredients that goes in to each jar.

The thing you can’t put a price on is the time.  It takes A LOT of time and planning.  But it’s totally worth it if you can fit it in your busy schedule.

pantry of preserves urbanpocketknife

So here’s a list of what I made and stocked up this year!  (The season isn’t quite over yet so there’s sure to be more coming!)

Deep Freeze:
60lb strawberries, vacuum sealed
25lb blueberries
8 500ml beef stock
8 500ml lamb stock
6 500ml chicken stock

Navel orange is light sugar syrup
Ruby red grapefruit in light sugar syrup
Apple sauce
Berry vinegar
Pickled garlic scapes
Du chua (Vietnamese pickled daikon and carrots)
Pickled balsamic vinegar onions
Pickled carrots
Orange marmalade
Orange jelly
Orange lemon lime vanilla bean jam
Apricot vanilla bean preserve
Spiced apricot jam
Apricots in vanilla bean syrup
Canned peaches
Peach jam
Peach butter
Raspberry jam
Blueberry jam
Red Currant jelly
Strawberry jam
Strawberry preserve
Tayberry jam
Blueberry pie filling
Apple chutney
Apple butter
Tomato Sauce (red, dark and smokey)
Plum sauce
Barbeque Sauce

pantry of preserves urbanpocketknife


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