newly revamped vintage chair….

14 Sep

I haven’t posted in forever…moving sucks the life out of you.  Now that we’re in our new digs, I’m finally back on track with cooking and various new projects for the new apartment!

I bought this ugly chair over a year ago to go with an equally ugly vanity that came with our old apartment.  I had always meant to reupholster it but back then it served as more of a hanger for bags and clothes then an actually sitting chair.

Let me start by saying that it was by pure accident that I took infomercial-like photos with the before shots looking quite shoddy in comparison to the post pics.  In reality I had taken photos of the chair with my phone so I could look for fabric that would match.  The post pictures were taken with my nice camera 🙂

The chair….bought it at Salvation Army for $6.99+tax

The paint’s not perfect, the seat cover is super ugly.  Some sort of gauzy puke green with some mysterious stains 😐

And the transformation!  Ahhh, somehow the fabric made the paint look better!  I painstakingly looked at every fabric bolt at Dressew to find the perfect match…turns out that colour green is hard to match.

It’s kinda vintage, a loud splash of colour and an all around awesome seat for my kitchen.  Even though the fabric cost me almost the same amount as the chair (half meter at $14.99), I think this chair is well worth it for $14.  Plus I still have half of the material left so I can make a little cushion for my wooden step stool that I also painted and re-did.


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