low carb sushi rolls!

2 Aug

low carb sushi urbanpocketknife

Once upon a time I took a sushi making class and continued to make it at home all the time.  After switching to low carb and not having rice in the house anymore, I was a little bummed that my sushi gadgets weren’t being used anymore.

I had seen sushi wrapped in thin slices of cucumber before but I had never ordered it until now!  Totally low carb and basically just raw fish and vegetables…tastes like sushi and is completely guilt free!

I gave it a whirl at home, I probably didn’t have the appropriate knife because cutting the cucumber was a hard task indeed.  I basically followed this video below:

low carb sushi urbanpocketknife

I piled everything up on one end starting with some mustard greens (taste like wasabi!), some smoked black cod, scallops that were marinated in mayo and green onions.  Roll em up and cut into 4 pieces!

low carb sushi urbanpocketknife

This one had some ruby streak lettuce (also very spicy) with some salmon and scallop.

low carb sushi urbanpocketknife

I ran out of cucumber slices after a while so I just used some collard greens as wraps instead.  Turned out pretty good!


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