garlic scape pesto round 2…

20 Jul

Last year I made a single jar of garlic scape pesto and have been regretting it for an entire year that I didn’t make more!  This year I decided to make a small batch so we could have garlic scape all year round!

The general rule to pesto in my opinion is that you need something garlicky, some sort of nut or seed, olive oil and some kind of cheese.   Last year I used cashews, basil and parmesan.  This year I used sunflower seeds, red basil and blue cheese.  It’s totally up to you.

I didn’t grind it quite so fine this time as I left some of the pesto plain (no cheese or seeds) so that I could blend up a smoother batch with flavourings that I happen to have on hand at the time.  One goes in the fridge, the rest goes in the freezer.

Great for pasta (duh!) but also amazing as a marinade or tossed in some leafy steamed veggies.  So good.  Get your garlic scapes NOW!  The season is uber short!

Click on the link for last year’s recipe…feel free to substitute to your taste!

Garlic Scape Pesto

A half filled sink of scapes makes six jars of chunky texture!

Chop up your scapes first before you put them in your blender so it doesn’t have a heart attack


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