secret garden…afternoon tea in kerrisdale!

15 Apr

secret garden vancouver afternoon tea urbanpocketknife

Afternoon tea is my favourite meal.  Tiny adorable sandwiches and pastries full of sugar and different flavours.  I’m half glad that there isn’t one super close to my house or I’d be there every afternoon.  My parents like to have afternoon tea on Sundays and it’s definitely something that I will do for the rest of my life.

We discovered a cute little tea place called Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale that is bright and cheery and served high tea.  You could do a half selection which was cheaper but what would be the fun in that??!?

Little cozies were put on every teapot and of course the teapots were different colours for every tea flavour chosen.  Our tea came fairly quickly, I ordered the Anniversary Blend that was jasmine, bergamot and vanilla.  My friend ordered the Angel’s Dream that was maple, wild blackberry, assam and green tea.  Both were very tasty and hot water was refilled promptly by the servers.

secret garden vancouver afternoon tea urbanpocketknife

Our three tired tray came and it was big and beautiful to look at!  First tier had three types of sandwiches, second tier was scones and banana bread and the top had three different kinds of pastry.

secret garden vancouver afternoon tea urbanpocketknife

Little croissant sandwiches with ham and cheese, a good classic with lots of flavour, the croissant could’ve been a little bit flakier.  The little round sandwiches had these delectable grilled vegetables like eggplant and roasted peppers, definitely my favourite!  The center had adorable pinwheels of what I believe were maybe egg salad sandwiches, kind of bland and not that memorable.

secret garden vancouver afternoon tea urbanpocketknife

Second tier time!  Cranberry scones with WAY too much coarse sugar on top.  Along side were devonshire cream and raspberry preserve, both stand-bys that no tea is complete without!  Scones were rather tasty (minus the sugar coating) but not quite flakey and airy, more chewy.  Banana bread loaf was moist and super yum.

secret garden vancouver afternoon tea urbanpocketknife

By now we are fullish but still have the top tier to finish!  Three different desserts, some kind of apple turnover, german coconut chocolate cake and lemon tart.

secret garden vancouver afternoon tea urbanpocketknife

Cute little icing decoration made this dessert quite sweet (in taste and style!).  One bite and I was in heaven.  The pastry was flaky and crumbly while the centre had a delicious filling of apples and cinnamon.  I didn’t think it would be, but this was my favourite.

secret garden vancouver afternoon tea urbanpocketknife

The lemon tart was a close second.  A flaky thin tartlet with creamy tart lemon curd in the center.  Not too sweet with just the right amount of tang.

secret garden vancouver afternoon tea urbanpocketknife

Although quite nice to look at, the german coconut cake was our least favourite and the one thing we didn’t finish.  Kind of a boring chocolate cake with a very heavy filling in between and the weird thing is we didn’t get any cutlery and we didn’t notice until this last dessert!  I was glad I had saved my last half of the lemon tart to finish off our afternoon tea experience!

All in all, I would totally recommend this place to others.  A little steep at $27 per person but it’s a lovely atmosphere with a good variety of afternoon tea treats that is perfect for a Sunday afternoon with the girls.


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