red wagon…fancy brunch without the fancy price…

5 Apr

red wagon urbanpocketknife

My canning friend recommended for me to go to Red Wagon for brunch one Sunday afternoon and I was not disappointed.  This homey little restaurant sporting some chinatown-esque furniture with dark wood counters and retro lights has the most affordable brunches without sacrificing in flavour.  Located at East Hastings and Nanaimo, this place was bustling even at 1:00pm in the afternoon.  If you have to wait in line, you’ll be pleasantly surprised because they offer you a cup of coffee while you wait.  How hospitable!

red wagon urbanpocketknife

We sat at the bar with the glossy wood counter and shiny chrome diner-style napkin holder and condiments.  Service was super attentive and the organic coffee was delicious.

red wagon urbanpocketknife

Some fun scrappy metal Coca-cola art work adorns the wall and reminds me that my dad used to deliver Coke to houses.

red wagon urbanpocketknife

But on to the good stuff….my brunch was their crisp pork belly confit with two freerange eggs with griddled tomatoes, salsa verde, hollandaise, and sourdough toast.  Just look at it.  The pork belly was huge!  Lightly dressed with hollandaise and every few bites you’d get the tangy salsa verde.  So delicious and at $10.75 who could ask for more?

red wagon urbanpocketknife

In the effort to stay mostly low carb, I subbed out my homefries for a salad.  Neatly dressed with fresh baby greens including the nice bite of arugula.  The salad was simple but very fresh and a perfect combo to my rich brunch.

red wagon urbanpocketknife

My friend got the classic benny with back bacon and to be honest, I was enjoying my brunch so much that I forgot to ask him about his!  The hollandaise looks extra rich and creamy though!  At $10.00, you couldn’t get a better eggs benny anywhere else in town.

Since we were facing the kitchen, we kept seeing orders of the pancake with pulled pork pumping out.  Three buttermilk pancakes stacked with pulled pork in between each layer.  It looked amazing and next time I visit, I’ll be sure to order it!


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