cafe du soleil no carb brunch…

31 Mar

cafe du soleil gluten free urbanpocketknife

Sometimes specialty diets make it very difficult to go out and eat.  There is no exception with a diet that is gluten-free.  Everywhere you look there are delicious looking breads and pastries that you have to pass on.  In the effort to keep the low carb diet going, we’ve decided to continue eating no wheat flour, potatoes or rice.  Basically all the tasty options for breakfast and brunch are out!

I was on Commercial Drive one dreary mid-morning and entered a small resto called Cafe du Soleil.  Nothing ultra fancy but a quaint little veggie and vegan friendly restaurant that serves up delicious breakfasty foods.  Free range eggs are used and there isn’t a single meat item on the chalkboard menu.

The family run restaurant is simple and delicious.  Even though I felt I was being a little fussy about substituting out the carbs in my breakfast for non-carby things, the gentleman taking my order didn’t even blink an eye.  I ordered a dijon mustard benny with free range eggs, replaced the hash browns for beans and asked him to hold the english muffins.  He suggested putting spinach underneath instead.

This simple little breakfast was satisfying and didn’t make me feel like I was being super picky.  In fact, a few gals who saw my plate asked aloud where it was on the menu and figured you had to have the inside scoop to know how to order it.  Success!


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