amigurumi adventures!

18 Feb

Winter accessories are not worn in Vancouver for very long and the stuff I used to make in Toronto are definitely not anything close to technical gear worn on the mountains.

This winter I’ve decided to go into the world of Amigurumi, tiny little crocheted toys that are often quirky and quite adorable.  I’m not even sure what made me decide to start them, maybe it was the bag of giant walnuts I got from Klippers.  Those walnut halves just looked like they were perfect for some sort of craft project!

mushroom in walnut shell urbanpocketknife

I’ve started on a whole series, mostly food related because well…I love food.  Lots of prototypes later, I think I’ve finally narrowed down on a few designs that I love so stay tuned…..for I will be selling them soon enough!

triplet baby peas urbanpocketknife

Triplet baby peas in their own pod!  This is one of the first designs that everyone seemed to really like.  Three little dudes each with their own personality, I think the bottom one is sad because he is squished.

triplet baby peas urbanpocketknife

They each pop out so you can roll them around as you please….I think I’ll have to start making a big batch of these guys!

Stay tuned for more amigurumi toys by me!


One Response to “amigurumi adventures!”

  1. Rom February 18, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    Love them! So cute. With all the lead in kids toys and phalates in plastic messing with our childrens’ hormones there is a huge market for this stuff. Especially when it’s so adorable!

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