twisted fork…small resto on granville for brunch!

17 Feb

twisted fork urbanpocketknife

I miss brunch, I used to go every week in Toronto because I knew so many restaurants and other people who brunch as well!  Seems like everyone I know is working or heading up to go skiing/boarding instead of staying in the city for my favourite type of meal.

One of the top recommended brunch places in Vancouver is the Twisted Fork located on Granville St downtown.  It’s an odd place for this quaint resto to live since the street is lined with fast food joints and has the air of late night twenty somethings dancing the night away in black spandex.

It’s the type of restaurant that I like.  Quaint, warm, unpretentious staff that just does good food.  It’s casual but has local art on the wall and the wait staff are chatty as if they were your next door neighbour.

twisted fork urbanpocketknife

I’m afraid we weren’t very adventurous when it came to choosing from the brunch menu.  All items are $12.00 from savoury to sweet, from classics like bennys to french toast.  I can’t help but choose a benny, my ultimate brunch food!

There are 3 options you can choose from, the one above is the chirozo benny.  Two soft poached eggs and chorizo are nestled on top of a large toasted piece of brioche finished off with a silky hollandaise sauce.

Divine!  Salty curred chorizo, rich buttery sauce and perfectly cooked eggs.  Although the brioche was tasty, it was quite soft and didn’t quite hold up it’s part of the bargain in the whole dish.  A side of baked beans in a tomato sauce that was tangy and sweet.

twisted fork urbanpocketknife

The prociutto benny was just as good as the chorizo.  Thinly sliced cured ham, it might have been the better choice as cutting it didn’t crush the brioche toast underneath.  Each benny came with some sauteed spinach and a small portion of rosti.  Neither to me was particularly tasty and were served cold which was a little odd.

The restaurant menu is fairly expansive for such a wee place but it’s a well operated.  They also have many variations of a prix fixe menu depending on the day you go and the items are constantly changing that you’re likely going to be able to try something new every time you visit!

I’ll definitely be heading back there for brunch to try their banana stuffed brioche french toast and go in the evening for dinner!


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