de dutch…pile of breakfast on a giant pancake…

10 Feb

dedutch urbanpocketknife

Admit it, it does look crazy tasty right?  We were looking for a brunch place on a Sunday morning and we were craving pancakes.  We saw an ad for De Dutch, a resto specializing in Dutch pancakes and not just any pancake…giant ones!

The Pannekoeken is the Dutch version of a north american pancake but has a diameter of 12″ and is a little bit thicker than a crepe.  Airy and delicious, it’s moist texture is reminiscent of Ethopian bread.

We ordered the Boer’s (aka Farmer’s) that is pictured above and the Canadian.  The Boer’s had a great deal going on!  Two eggs, ham, peameal bacon, potato hash and a side of hollandaise sauce.  The meat was not overly salty and the eggs were cooked perfectly overeasy.

dedutch urbanpocketknife

The Canadian had your classic egg and peameal bacon with a few tomato slices.  A little pot of pure maple syrup came along side and was readily dumped all over this breakfast delight.

Not to say this is the most unique brunch in town or particularly creative but if you want a traditional breakfast with all the classics, this place serves it up quite nice!


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