thomas haas…why I did I not discover you earlier?

9 Feb

If you live in Vancouver, you know Thomas Haas is one of the best chocolatiers in town.  Found in specialty grocery stores and boutiques all across the city, you can easily recognize Thomas Haas products by their smart packaging.

thomas haas urbanpocketknife

For the first time, we visited the store/bakery on Broadway and what a line up!  The place was packed and even on a chilly day, people were sitting outside of the store.  At first glance, I knew this place was something special.  Just taking a quick peek at the glass displays between the people lining up, I knew were in for a treat.

thomas haas urbanpocketknife

Every surface of the store had some hand crafted delectable that I couldn’t wait to get close to!  From artistic pasteries and cakes to croissants and fresh topped desserts, everything looked amazing.

thomas haas urbanpocketknife

I saw a lot of people picking up a few french macarons but didn’t get to taste one myself.  They had interesting flavours like grapefruit and passionfruit and they were all so perfect looking.

thomas haas urbanpocketknife

Probably one of the most amazing thing at this store are the chocolate confections.  These little pieces of art have what seems like little glass tiles on them in an array of gorgeous colours and patterns.  Some even have tiny flecks of gold leaf on top.  Almost too pretty to eat but you know, my belly comes before my eyes.

thomas haas urbanpocketknife

Not quite as colourful as square chocolates but artfully displayed just the same, the truffles looks just as amazing.  Smartly displayed so each truffle contrasts their neighbour, these little balls are pure perfection.

thomas haas urbanpocketknife

The special for the day was their signature hot chocolate with two truffles of your choice.  How adorable is it that they put a heart made out of cocoa on the top?

thomas haas urbanpocketknife

On the opposite side of the glass displays is where they display their pre-packaged goods.  I was particularly drawn to the laser cut peekaboo boxes.  How modern and unique they are!

thomas haas urbanpocketknife

Because it was afternoon tea time, we ordered some cakes and hot drinks.  The pistachio sour cherry tart was amazing!

thomas haas urbanpocketknife

Shortbread crust, pistachio cream, sour and cognac cherries and light kirsch chantilly, how could you go wrong?

thomas haas urbanpocketknife

I ordered the cassis cake because really, I can’t get enough of blackcurrant.

thomas haas urbanpocketknife

A light cassis mousse, a rich chocolate pot de creme, soft vanilla cake, and a shortbread base…again, can you really go wrong?

It’s probably a good thing that this place isn’t terribly close to my house or else I’d be tempted to go there every day, I can’t find one bad thing about this place!  The prices are a little on the pricey side but you are buying a delicious piece of art so it’s definitely worth it.


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