burgoo bistro – a delicious heart attack in the making…

27 Jan

One typical super rainy afternoon on Main Street, a friend and I stumbled upon the stand along restaurant Burgoo Bistro.  A couple that was seeking shelter under the porch of the restaurant told us that it was totally worth it to wait in line for the food.  So we did.

Once inside, I glanced at all the tables and everyone seemed to be having a sandwich and soup combo.  Portions looked big so once we got to our table, we ordered pretty quickly since we were starving!

burgoo bistro urbanpocketknife

Their sandwich and soup combo will set you back $15 but there is a lot of variety available.  The crab soup bisque is blended with roasted red pepper and is rich and full of flavour.

burgoo bistro urbanpocketknife

I ordered the french onion soup that came in a traditional serving dish.  Generous portions of cheese, tons of caramelized onions with a rich and tasty broth.  In fact, the portion was so big and so rich that I couldn’t even finish it.

We both ordered the Dos Diables, spicy white cheddar, chorizo and roasted red peppers sandwiches.  One bite and you’re in salty greasy heaven.  These paninis are probably grilled in a vat of butter because the outside of the toasts were super crispy and shiny.  Second bite was just as good as the first, but as my sandwich decreased in size, my appetite did as well.

burgoo bistro urbanpocketknife

As much as my mouth was going through a taste sensation, I couldn’t handle that much salt and grease all at once.  I had to pack up the second small sandwich on my plate in fear that I was going to get a heart attack.

I wish I could have tried a dessert but I was so overwhelmed by my lunch that I couldn’t bear the thought.  Perhaps we should’ve split a sandwich and soup and ordered a big salad to go with it!


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