christmas ninja cookies?!?!?!? yes please!

16 Dec

ninja cookie urbanpocketknife

I couldn’t resist buying these three ninja cookie cutters when I saw them…ninja cookies are festive right?  For Christmas this year, I decided to make them Christmasy by making them red, green and white, throw in some ninja stars and we’re all set!

The ninja stars are actually made with my snowflake cutter with a circle cut out of the middle.  I took a Martha Stewart sugar cookie recipe and added some ginger, lemon juice and finely chopped dried pineapple.

ninja cookie urbanpocketknife

With the help of some good quality gel food colouring, I was able to get some pretty vibrant colours with just a few drops.

ninja cookie urbanpocketknife

I certainly haven’t mastered the art of icing yet, I’m super slow at it and takes me almost a whole day to get an entire batch done!

ninja cookie urbanpocketknife

Even though it took forever, I was smiling the whole time since these little guys are so darn amusing.  Who can say no to a ninja cookie?  Hiya!


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