Limon Peruvian fare in SF….

14 Dec

One thing I noticed on my trip to San Fran is how cheap and fresh the seafood is there.  I imagined Vancouver to be the same but the seafood in Vancouver is very expensive in comparison.  On a walk about in Mission, we decided to lunch at Limon, a lovely bistro-like restaurant, fancy looking but very fairly priced.

We opted for an all seafood lunch and ordered a few dishes.  My lunch mate ordered an oyster shooter to start.  This sucker was big, douced in leche de tigre and topped with a crispy sweet potato chip.  What is leche de tigre?  It essentially translates to tiger milk but alas it is not even close.  A citrus marinade that cures seafood that often includes lime, salt, chili, onion fish juice.  It’s believed to be a hangover cure and an aphrodisiac!

Ahhhh…the ceviche…..probably the best I’ve ever had!  We ordered up the ceviche de pescado, a semi-raw white fish dish with a citrusy punch.  Oh my, oh my, was this something delicious!  Large slices of fish mixed in with red onion and their signature leche de tigre marinade.  It was tangy, a little salty, and the fish was meaty and super fresh.  The portion was also gigantic.

What better way to try seafood than ordering a bouillabaisse?  Bouillabaisse is a seafood soup/stew that usually contains a variety of fish and seafood all drenched in a tomato wine (sometimes with some cream) broth.  At first I was a little dismayed with the size but it turned out to be pretty filling.  Perfect for sharing with one other person, everything came in pairs.  From mussels, crab legs, white fish, scallops and plenty of squid, this dish had a delicious savoury tomato base.  Not the most outstanding bouillabiasse I’ve ever had, but it was tasty.

All in all, I wish I lived in SF so I could explore more seafood restos.  If you love seafood or need a place for a dinner date….check this place out!


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