screw the condo, go buy a houseboat…

5 Dec

Located in Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver resides two adorable houseboats among the normal sail and motor variety boats that are docked there.

Brightly painted in red and yellow, these little houses have two stories, a mini garden hanging off the railings and are darling as can be.  Who wouldn’t want to live in these houses?

My friend’s parents live on a boat in Toronto and as much as it can sometimes seem impossible compared to a full sized apartment or house, the style of living is truly unique.  Space is always an issue, so having the minimal amount of belongings is key…and really…couldn’t we all stand to get rid of some of our junk?

Another interesting tidbit is that if you’re sharing these accommodations with a loved one, having a long argument or fight is almost impossible.  The quarters are so small that making up is inevitable faster and more convenient then trying to prolong the fight.


One Response to “screw the condo, go buy a houseboat…”

  1. C December 5, 2010 at 9:56 am #

    I want!!!

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