brenda’s french soul food…new orlean’s style brunch in SF

28 Nov

You really can’t say no to freshly made beignets in the morning can you?  Brenda’s serves up some tasty brunch items in true New Orlean’s style.  Located on Polk Street, this trendy brunch place is bustling by the time it hits eleven o’clock in the morning.

A staple beverage of Brenda’s is their famous watermelon ice tea.  A medium strong black tea is brewed and fresh watermelon juice is added to give this tea a refreshing kick.  Who could say no?  It’s so good in fact that they top up your glasses during your entire stay for no extra charge.

It’s no surprise that beignets are on every table since it’s the first thing listed on the menu.  Four varieties to choose from: plain, chocolate, apple spice and crawfish…of course we couldn’t decide, so we got all four!

crawfish beignet urbanpocketknife

Who ever thought of savoury beignets is a genius!  Creamy and cheesy with just a hint of heat from the cayenne pepper, this cajuny beignet had a light crispy outside with a soft bready interior.

Oozing molten chocolate on the outside, dusted with confectioner’s sugar on the outside.  Do I really have to say more?

We also ordered the shrimp and goat cheese omelette, this plate was huge!  A giant and super fluffy omelette with a pile of caramelized onions, gulf shrimp and soft goat cheese made this a great breakfast.  The tomato bacon salsa on top didn’t add that much to the omelette but the biscuit was buttery and very tender.

A hearty brunch for big appetites!  New Orleans in San Francisco can’t go wrong.


2 Responses to “brenda’s french soul food…new orlean’s style brunch in SF”

  1. C November 28, 2010 at 2:59 pm #

    Crawfish beignets? Want to go back to SF next weekend?!?! =) Sounds delicious

  2. unpizzicodime November 28, 2010 at 6:58 am #

    The chocolate ones look gorgeous!!

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