hoof cafe…a meatatarian brunch delight

27 Nov

hoof cafe toronto urbanpocketknife

I’ve been to Black Hoof across the road for delicious meaty fares but have never tried the re-known brunch from this small cafe.  Located at Dundas West and Grace, Hoof Cafe serves up some classic brunch dishes with an unusual twist.

Vegetarians be aware, this place is not for you, nor those of you with weak stomachs, these guys mean business with their no-holds-barred attitude towards animal parts.  Animals are tasty…and I mean every part.

hoof cafe toronto urbanpocketknife

Although the cafe is fairly tiny, the large front windows lets in lots of light, reflecting off the aluminum ceiling and creating a cozy atmosphere without a trace of pretension.  The white wood cupboards are reminiscent of chic country kitchens and the wait staff are extremely friendly and helpful.

hoof cafe toronto urbanpocketknife

One look at the menu and we knew we were in for a real treat.  We decided on the two most unique brunch items on the menu, brioche french toast with foie gras and pig tail and grits.

hoof cafe toronto urbanpocketknife

First up was the pigs and grits.  Creamy corn grits were ooey gooey good with 5 year old cheddar and a creamy kick ass texture.  The pigs tail braised in tomato base was tender, slightly sweet with a nice tang.  Coupled with a sunny side up fried egg, every bite was rich in flavour and instant bliss.

hoof cafe toronto urbanpocketknife

The brioche french toast with a slab of foie gras was exceptional.  The foie just melted in your mouth and the combination of the sweet syrup with the brioche was heavenly.  You could literally see the foie being absorbed by the delicious bread.  On the side came some shoestring apple with turbinado white sugar.  The crunchy texture of the sugar combined with the sweet tartness of the apple was outstanding, I can’t wait to do it at home!

It is no wonder this brunch place is a favourite in the city, each biteful makes your mouth sing with glee.

The taste alone made me able to suppress thoughts of high calories, cholesterol, and fat content…my tastebuds certainly won the battle.


One Response to “hoof cafe…a meatatarian brunch delight”

  1. Melany November 27, 2010 at 7:42 pm #

    We were there this morning! The suckling pigs eggs benny and the waffles with banana and bacon were delicious.

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