shiny new retro film cameras…new lomography toronto store

26 Nov

lomography toronto

In the world of digital it is no wonder that film cameras have become a nostalgic keepsake that is sought after as an alternative to the ever growing technology of digital cameras.  Imagery of vignettes, colour shifts and grain is becoming fashionably arty again and these cameras capture this style right onto the film instead of having to add filters in Photoshop to digital images.

Lomography just opened a beautiful flagship store in downtown Toronto on Queen Street West near Portland.  The retro modern stores features numerous film cameras in 35mm or 120mm.  Furnished with crate-like unfinished wood and glass tables, the fun plastic bodied cameras are placed out in the open for customers to pick up and touch.

The glass tables are cleverly designed with outlines of the cameras as placeholders to ensure customer’s return the product to the exact spot.

lomography toronto

Their Diana 120mm film camera is by far their most popular.  With a variety of colours to choose from (some limited edition), this camera has the most versatility in terms of accessories.  Lenses are interchangeable (without a lens it transforms into a pinhole camera).  Film is readily available beside the cash and West Camera is conveniently located just down the street for processing the film.

lomograpy toronto

The store is filled with a variety of different film cameras as well as fun accessories like bags and books.  Stop in and see the wall murals of printed pictures and speak to the helpful staff for gift ideas.


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