high tea at the fairmount….

28 Oct

I love high tea…in fact, I love all the in between meals like brunch and tea.  Who doesn’t need a pick me up at 4:00pm?  My parents loved high tea and we would have it at home or go out to a nice English tea place.

Who could resist a tiered platter filled with finger sandwiches and pastries.  And how could we deny the scones with clotted cream?!?!?!

The Fairmount Hotel in Vancouver has a tea service in the afternoon and is quite old-fashioned and historic.  We got a groupon that gave us 50% off and decided to taste and judge their culinary efforts!

Read more to see the fall themed platter that we got…

The place settings were regal and elegant with crowns on the teacups and crisp white linens

Our two tier platter came shortly after we ordered our earl grey and assam tea.  Top tier held an abundance of pastries and the bottom tier had finger sandwiches.  Every variety came in pairs.

The sandwiches were nicely prepared with very fresh ingredients, we received ham and brie croissants, cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad on baguette and smoked salmon on wholewheat with a touch of cavier.

The smoked salmon wasn’t overly salty and the combo of the creamy sweetness of the butter, freshness of the cucumber and wholewheat was very nice.  All the sandwiches were good but not terribly noteworthy.  Just good traditional finger sandwiches that satisfied.

On to the platter of sweets….the cranberry scones were heavenly!  Melt in your mouth and with a dollop of clotted cream, we were in heaven.  They had 4 scones on the platter so we had one before and after all the rest of the desserts.

We also received an apple tart, pumpkin cheesecake and mango mousse in chocolate cups.  The apple tart’s pastry was flakey and buttery and the filling was quite ordinary.

The pumpkin cheesecake was nice and rich surrounded by white chocolate flakes and a fun edible printed square of white chocolate with pumpkins on it on the top.

The mango mousse was quite gelatinous and not very silky smooth as we were expecting, the mango flavour was very subtle and the chocolate cup was not terrible.  Presentation was wonderful but the taste wasn’t mind blowing.

Tea service at the Fairmount is usually $32-34 per person but with our groupon, that was the price for two of us.  It was certainly worth it for what we paid but I’m not sure if we’d go back and pay full price.  The atmosphere is rather stuffy but the scones were the best part of the service.


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