swiss char a la spinach gomae styles….

25 Oct

I tried growing golden swiss char on my fire escape but it didn’t turn out so well this summer and to my dismay, swiss char (even the organic kind) is dirt cheap at Wholefoods (3 bunches for $3.00??!?!?)  Why I bothered to even grow it, I have no idea.

Up and onwards, we love spinach gomae at Japanese restaurants so I made a mishmash recipe that is super tasty even though it’s not a 100% exactly like the gomae taste.  It’s still darn good.

Here’s the recipe!

What you need!
3 bunches of assorted swiss char
3 tbsp of tahini
2 tbsp of Kikomon soy sauce
1 tsp mirin
2 tsp of sugar

What to do!

1.  Rinse your swiss char and gaze at the colours lovingly.

2.  Drain the access water (some left on it will be good for steaming purposes)

3.  Put the swiss char in a pot that is on high heat and put the lid on.

4.  Be amazed at how the swiss char shrinks.  Take out the rainbow of colours as soon as the leaves wilt, not a moment longer or else it’ll be soggy!

5.  Mix up the tahini, soy, sugar, and mirin.  Give it a taste, it will be a little bitter and remember, it might taste a tiny bit strong but it will mellow out once it’s mixed in.  If you think it’s too thick, than go ahead and add a bit of water but the swiss char should have enough moisture to help the thick paste distribute.

6.  Once the veggies are cooled a bit, chop it up into small pieces.  Mix in the sauce and stir to coat.  This makes at least 6 side servings and costs the same amount as one order of spinach gomae!  The leaves will be soft and tender while the stalks will be crisp.  Enjoy!


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