Duso’s delicious ravioli….

7 Oct

Granville Island’s Public Market has so many great vendors and I’ve never tried a fresh pasta yet.  Walking past Duso’s Italian Foods I decided a simple meal of stuffed ravioli, the only problem was which one to choose?

200 grams was recommended for one serving but I found that to be way too much!  I purchased an artichoke goat cheese filled ravioli and coupled it with a homemade garlic scape pesto with some roasted peppers (pictured above).  8 minutes in boiling water is all the pasta needed and it was amazingly simple and delicious.  I love how they made the ravioli striped!

The second kind of ravioli I bought was the porcini mushroom one.  With it’s rich and meaty flavour, I decided to couple it with a tomato cream sauce and some hearty eggplant.

The ravioli at this shop is to die for, some are stronger flavoured than others but they are so easy to make that I couldn’t help but want to go back for more!  It’s not super cheap, about $5.00 a person for a large pasta dinner but really where can you get great pasta at a restaurant for $5?!?!?


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