what is that squash doing on a pile of melons?!?!? hello prescott fond blanc

24 Sep

As I was unloading huge boxes of melons on the weekend, I found this kind of ugly big guy with warts and bumps all over him.  “What are you doing in this pile of melons?” I asked it, no response.

Turns out, this guy is actually a melon in disguise!  How my eyes deceived me as I thought it belonged with the table of squashes.  Annamarie (farmer of Klippers) told me it was a french heirloom melon.

I had to bring one home.

This guy was heavy and the size of a medium pumpkin….I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.  It’s an organic melon, it’s got to be good right?!?!?

When you cut it in half, it almost looks like there is an entire cantaloupe growing on the inside with a squash shell.  Very cool!  Of course the shape isn’t quite as globular as a regular cantaloupe.

Now doesn’t that look lovely?  Nice shaped boats of melon ready for eating!  This melon tastes a lot like cantaloupe with perhaps a more mild melon flavour.  It does have nice floral accent at the end though.

This big guy didn’t yield that much melon as I had expected since the rind is so thick but it was delicious nonetheless!  If you ever see them in your travels, go buy one!


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