ornamental black pearl pepper plant….

31 Aug

Oh how I wish I had discovered you earlier in the season!  This uber unique black pearl pepper plant sports some very true black leaves and adorable globe mini peppers with just the slightest hint of purple.  In the bright sunshine this plant was glistening black and if I had room in my fire escape garden, this baby would’ve come home with me.

Growing up, my mom always planted amazing gardens and I often went with her to nurseries to pick out plants for the season.  Southlands Nursery in Vancouver is nothing like I’ve ever seen!  Most of the nursery is outdoors and the plant varieties is absolutely amazing!  From a huge variety of vegetable plants to shrubbery and flowers, this place has it all.  Although a little steep in price on some plants, you can’t argue the plant quality as there is never a limp and sad looking plant to be found.

It still amazes me what you can grow in BC, the varieties seem to be endless here!  The benefits of having such mild weather I suppose!


One Response to “ornamental black pearl pepper plant….”

  1. munchykitty September 16, 2010 at 8:33 am #

    that’s because I don’t have a twitter account 🙂

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