super fresh organic heirloom tomato salad…

26 Aug

We are certainly spoiled by the heirloom tomatoes that we have been getting from Klippers, tomatoes never tasted or looked this good!  It’s hard to choose just a single variety so I’ve been taking an assortment home and nibbling on them while I cut to see which one I like the best.  Turns out, I like all of them!

If you happen to come across tomatoes that are actually ripened on the vine (some heirlooms are still picked too early if you find them at grocery stores), the best way to eat them is fresh and uncooked!  They retain their lovely colours and taste amazing!

As simple as can be, I just cut the tomatoes and remove the juicy seed parts (we don’t want a soggy salad!), crumble up some feta, add some fresh basil and lightly toss.  If it needs it, add some salt and pepper and voila….a super fresh salad for you to enjoy!


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