broccolini garlic scape pesto pasta salad….

17 Aug

Broccolini is one of those vegetables that you’re not quite sure exists naturally or is a weird hybrid of some sort.  Turns out that it occurs naturally and is some sort of hybrid between broccoli and gai-lan (chinese broccoli).  Who knew?  Since I had already made a huge jar of garlic scape pesto, the obvious choice was to make some pasta!

Turns out broccolini is slightly sweet when you cook it and tastes delicious cold!

Here’s the recipe…

What you need!
1 bunch of broccolini
1 large tomato
500g of bowtie pasta
1/2 mason jar of garlic scape pesto
half an english cucumber or 4 small japanese cucumbers
salt and pepper

What to do!

1.  Cut your broccolini so that it will fit into your large pot.  Don’t cut it into small pieces or else you will lose the florets while boiling.

2.  Boil some water in a large pot with a little bit of salt and toss in the broccoli.  Cook until bright green…take a bite of one of the stalk pieces, if it’s tender but still crisp, take the broccolini out and rinse with cold water to stop cooking.  Set aside.

3.  Boil some water and cook your pasta until al dente…rinse and set aside.

4.  Cut up the veggies!  Cut the tomato, cucumber and broccolini into bite sized pieces.

5.  Add everything together in a large bowl.  Mix in the garlic scape pesto a few tablespoons at a time until it’s the taste that you like!  Add salt and pepper to taste!  You’ll find this pesto very creamy and garlicky…delish!


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