aoki sushi…sometimes you can’t judge a restaurant by its exterior….

11 Aug

I’ve walked past Aoki Sushi countless times on Broadway and always presumed it was one of those run of the mill mediocre sushi restos that serves up overly-mayoed California rolls for dirt cheap.  A friend ranted and raved about the Pink Godzilla roll there but we never went.  One day we decided to venture over to Cypress and Broadway to check it out since the sushi joints on 4th Ave are far from amazing in the sushi department.

The exterior was still meh and as we walked inside, we were greeted with a wave of heat…no air conditioning and one rickity old fan blowing at customer’s faces.  We still decided to stay and it was the best decision we ever made!

We ordered three things thinking we might still be hungry but we were so wrong.  I think this is the first time we couldn’t finish what we ordered!  The tuna and salmon sushi set was insane good.  For $10 you get four pieces of each….might I add…huge pieces!  The fish was very ample, the biggest I’ve been served in a long time and this fish ain’t frozen!  The extra soft texture with the buttery flavour was truly indicative that this fish was mondo fresh.

The insane Pink Godzilla roll…also $10.  We only ordered it because a friend recommended it.  We weren’t really sure about having strawberries and kiwis on top of our sushi but the combo ended up being really unique and tasty.  The tuna maki is deep fried and then topped with kiwi and strawberry and five different sauces.  No need for soy sauce here!  The sauces made this maki extra tasty from unagi bbq sauce to kewpie mayo, something sweet and something spicy, this roll reminded me of the style of The Eatery.

We thought the Sunshine roll was going to be a wee one since it was only $5.50, to our surprise it was a regular sized roll!  Chopped scallop and avocado topped with pacific smoked salmon.  This roll was kind of meh…don’t get me wrong, it was great but it paled in comparison to the other two we ordered.  The smoked salmon wasn’t quite smokey enough and I guess because the others were so intense in flavour, this one seemed really mild.

Dinner came to $25.50 for two people and we could’ve done with a little less, although we probably won’t the next time we go.  Such an affordable sushi resto that serves the freshest fish ever…it’s a bummer they’re closed at 9pm!


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