birthday butter baked goods….

6 Aug

Have you ever had any Butter Baked Goods before?  They make the most outrageous cookie sandwiches that I can devour in 5 seconds flat.  In true fashion, my sister sent me to giant boxes of baked goods from this company and I got to sample a wide assortment of their delicious treats.  I haven’t looked very hard but I stumbled across this company while browsing Wholefoods one day but I’m sure they can be found elsewhere.  The great thing is that they’re located right here in Dunbar so their stuff is fresh!

What’s not to love about cupcakes?  They’re an adorable treat that come in a variety of amazing designs and colours.  The raspberry chocolate was divine with the cake being super moist and the icing not terribly sweet.  I have to say the mint chocolate was the worst which is sad because I was looking forward to that one the most!  All I could think of while eating it was that it was salty….yuck.  The others were great, the flavours are obvious and it’s just not cheap birthday cake frosting on top of them.

The second box was an assortment of a ridiculous amount of other baked goodies.  The sandwich cookies at the top left are definitely their best product.  Peanut butter or chocolate, either way you can’t go wrong!  The cookie itself is soft and crumbly with the filling nice and creamy….and they’re huge too!  The other cookies came in a variety of flavours with another variety of dessert bars underneath.  I would have to say the bars were much better than the cookies….more interesting flavours.

On the bottom right is a package of handmade coconut marshmallows.  Soft and not utterly sweet, these babies are coated in a toasted marshmallows which makes them extra delightful.  On top of them are some peanut butter balls that taste exactly like Reese’s pieces but crumblier.

All in all, I am in sugar shock now and probably can’t eat anymore baked goods for a little bit….but it was super fun tasting all the different kinds.  We probably didn’t eat it in the most sophisticated way possible, as we’d take a bite of one thing, set it back in the box and take another bite of another.  But eventually it was all finished!


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