magenta beet salad to match my hair….

29 Jul

It’s not very often that I eat magenta and when I do it’s probably not healthy.  It’s also rare that I eat something that is the same colour as my hair (black and magenta) so I was especially please when my beat salad turned out to be such a lovely colour!  Although some special efforts had to be taken to avoid a bloody looking mess in the kitchen, it does make for a pretty dish although if I had to choose, I’d probably choose the golden beet variety more in the future.

Here’s a tasty coloured recipe!

What you need!
4 medium-large red beets
50 grams of goat cheese
1/4 cup of fresh basil
couple sprigs of mint
1 tsp salt
a glove or a commitment to having your hand stained red for a week

What to do!

1.  Boil ’em up!  Take a big ol pot and boil water on high.  Put your beets in for 45 minutes to an hour.  I turn down the heat to medium and put the lid on a skew.  When they’re done, you should be able to insert a knife in the center easily.

2.  Drain your beets in the sink and give everything a good rinse.  Put on a glove if you’ve got it and gently rub the outer skin off the beets.

3.  Cut the rooty ends off and slice them into nice big chunks.  Look how pretty!

4.  Chop up your basil and mint finely…take a deep breath…smells good don’t it?

5.  Put everything in a non-staining bowl…stainless steel and glass works great…so does ceramic if there isn’t any chips in it.  Mix up the beets with the basil and the goat cheese and watch it turn magenta!  Lovely!  Now eat it and enjoy!


One Response to “magenta beet salad to match my hair….”

  1. Tes July 29, 2010 at 9:02 am #

    I love beetroot but I know really few ways to prepare it. This sounds really I have to try it soon 🙂

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