goodbyns are rad…you should buy one…

26 Jul

you know you want to eat healthier - rainer cherries, mini cucumbers, baby carrots, homemade hummous and sweet potato dip, beet salad with goat cheese, mint and basil, olives, strawberries and five mini spanakopitas

Wouldn’t you like a lunchbox that separated your food so they don’t touch?  Wouldn’t this said lunchbox come in awesome bright colours and store a humongous lunch + snacks?  Welcome to the Goodbyn…you should buy one really.

Continuing with our efforts to make more meals at home, our tupperware situation left me frustrated.  So many lids, not enough compartments and most of all, they were all too small for our hungry appetite.

I did some extensive research and decided that the Goodbyn fits our lifestyle and our big tummies…I have no idea why this is geared towards kids…it’s huge!

I bought ours from Lavish & Lime, an adorable and eco-friendly online store in Vancouver.  These bins aren’t cheap, each cost about $30 but for two of them shipping was only $7.  I ordered it on a Thursday night and got it the following Monday…whoa…that’s fast.

Read more to see it’s features and accessories!

So some people say that the design is too kid-like…I say it looks like an awesome ambiguous japanese animal…whatever…it’s awesome.

The package is minimal which follows their “save the environment” motto and it comes with an 8oz bottle that fits inside and 3 sheets of stickers should you choose to decorate your box.  We haven’t ventured decorating ours yet but I’m sure some climbing stickers will make its way on the lid.

It ain’t small.  The pockets are at least 3″ deep, a whole banana will fit in the top compartment as well as a sandwich stacked in halves in the middle bottom square one.  We found it fit in most of our backpacks, I mean really, it’s just like a thick textbook, stop complaining.

I filled it with water, snapped the lid on making sure to press down on  all the seams and shook it around.  It’s not watertight, but it’s pretty close.  A few drops came out but just a few.  I wouldn’t put watery things like soup or thin dressings on salads but you definitely could put heavier things like dips.  Plus you could just put those liquidy things in the drink box instead.

We are snacky people and this box fits us just fine.  We also like a mondo amount of variety and this box certainly makes me more creative of what to have for lunch…heaven forbid two compartments hold the same thing?!!?!?  The one lid idea is awesome so we don’t have to scrounge around finding lids and trying them on to see if they fit.

It’s aesthetically pleasing, a breeze to clean (especially if you have a dishwasher), mega durable, environmentally friendly and fun to fill.  Plus people get really jealous when you whip out your glorious meal while they stare sadly at their smushed drooping sandwich.  In your face lame lunch!


One Response to “goodbyns are rad…you should buy one…”

  1. Jennifer July 27, 2010 at 8:25 am #

    That is so awesome! I’m a snack-eater instead of a meal-eater and I like a variety of foods- this is so perfect! I’m totally going to get one!!!!!

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