yummy hippie beach food….

23 Jul

One lazy afternoon on Jericho Beach, we were approached by a couple with two trays of very delectable looking veggie pasteries.  These little pocket bowls were filled with different vegetables and it was hard to resist!  $5.00 for 2 and they had 4 different flavours.  The pick above was filled with grated beets, goat cheese and cilantro.  The red beet juice dribbled out some of the seams and made for a very pretty looking stain.

I had a sweet potato one that was a little bit sweet and creamy and the one pictured above was a potato and herb pocket.  What could be better than having two super nice people selling you their fresh baked goods right on the beach and using a frisbee to hold them?  Nothing.


One Response to “yummy hippie beach food….”

  1. momjeans July 26, 2010 at 6:40 am #

    dude that looks sooooo good.

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