boxed lunches to save money!

20 Jul

ham, dijon mustard, jalepeno havarti and alfafa sprout sandwich and 2 kinds of cherries

In our efforts to save more money and eat out less, we decided to put ourselves through a 2 week challenge of not eating out.  No snacks, no shwarma, no delicious sushi…only things we make at home.  It’s ridiculous I know, a lot of people don’t eat out but for us urban dwellers with no dependents, eating out is our way of life.  This experiment is to see how prepared we can be when we have super busy days and how much money we actually end up saving in the long run.

prosciutto, basil, pesto mayo, edam cheese and alfalfa sprouts on garlic cheese sourdough and an arugla, cucumber, blueberry salad with japanese vinaigrette

We probably won’t stick to only eating at home but if we can change our lifestyle to maybe 85% at home, we’d probably be eating healthier and saving money for other fun things to do!

Boxed lunches have become an easy solution to quick meals.  Sandwich + a side of something tasty!

pb & j, strawberries and an olive mix!


One Response to “boxed lunches to save money!”

  1. The Now-even-more-tattooed One July 20, 2010 at 7:17 am #

    I need bento box! Let me know how the experiment goes for two people. I’ve tried it several times cooking for just one, and usually find the price of making doesn’t undercut that of eating out as much as I thought it would/wanted it too to make it worth it. Unless you have a huge freezer, or don’t mind eating the same meal 14 times in a row and cook large batches of e.g. chili. If you try to have variety at all, needing to buy in small quantities (so 50% of your groceries don’t spoil) drives up price, and cooking only 1-2 portions at a time makes the time investment unrealistic too.

    Good goal though! I def need to start cooking more again.

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