best eggs benedict at cafe du soleil….

16 Jul

I love bennys, it’s probably my #1 choice at any breakfast or brunch joint and when it’s made bad, it’s really bad.  But when it’s made right, it is heaven in my mouth.  During the world cup we stopped into a vegetarian cafe called Cafe du Soleil not to be confused with Cafe DEUX Soleil (we had a meeting mishap because of the similarity) and grabbed some breakfast.

I wasn’t expecting much, it was clearly a mom and pop run place, service was slowish due to the influx of world cup customers but it was very friendly and you could see they were trying to do everything as fast as they could.  Everything on the menu is vegetarian with meat substitutes like tofu, veggie sausages and ham and beans.  They use free-range eggs.

Dear god, the eggs benny was good!  Although I usually like my eggs soft, the hollandaise sauce made up for the egg cooked hard.  Buttery, tart like it should be and the right consistency.  I’m also usually not a fan of breakfast potatoes but these were amazing!  Seasoned with who knows what (definitely some paprika in there), they were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

After an hour or so, their (I can only assume) children came in to help.  Adorable and eager to grab everyone’s finished plates, two boys zoomed around the restaurant gathering plates and serving while a young girl helped in the kitchen in the back.

I got a kick out of everyone’s face when a kid asked them to take their plate.  They all had the same expression of “Does this fall under child labour laws?” followed by an overly friendly thank you of guilt.  But really, if I had kids, I’d make them work too!

Check this place out, it’s quaint, fairly cheap and super delcious!


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