hey yo…I want a slice of New York pizza! Nat’s New York Pizzeria…

12 Jul

Nat’s New York Pizzeria makes me miss New York and their pizza is the best in town hands down!  The guys working here are gruff, sometimes a little cutting, and ultimately hilarious!  They cook a mean pizza pie with pride and are constantly asking you if you like it.  Even though they might be swearing at each other in the back, they are always super welcoming and treat you like their big Italian family.

The pies are huge and they put on a mountain of toppings for you to enjoy!  We ordered the Bruschetta and Uncle Al on a single pizza…half and half!

Classic checkered black and white tiles and bisto styled chairs and tables….the space is open and bright.

The menus are all written in coloured chalk and the choices are endless!  We’ve never tried their sandwiches or pasta (although they all sound super good) because the pizza is always so fantastic!  We’ll have to give them a try one day.

We ordered a caesar salad because we were too hungry to wait for the pizza.  The dressing is wow, it’s garlicky and you can actually taste the anchovy….yum!

Pizza time!  Ok…a large is certainly too big for a measly two people but it does end up being cheaper in the long run than ordering slices.  Plus we get leftovers after!

Uncle Al’s….Hot capicollo, hot bell peppers, sweet onions and roasted garlic.  So it’s not the best breath-inducing combo but boy is it delicious!  And what did I tell you?  These guys don’t skimp on the toppings.

The Bruschetta…homemmade bruschetta with artichokes and red peppers…oh my heavens…this was definitely my favourite!  Juicy tomatoes, tart artichokes and super yum everything else.  As quoted by my other half “It’s like getting really good Bruschetta and not being disappointed by the size” Ha!

In true NY fashion, it’s all about the toppings you put on afterwards.  I remember eating countless plain cheese pizza slices in New York and dressing them up with all the different toppings they have to offer.  We only had a few, roasted garlic powder, lemon and Piri Piri hot sauce.  These guys sometimes make their own chili powder too!

If you are craving super good pizza, this is the place to be…too bad they’re not open super late 😦

Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Flavour: 4/5
Presentation: 4/5
Uniqueness: 3/5
Service: 5/5
Value: 4/5


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