greek day in kitsilano…

7 Jul

Summer is the time for street festivals and this year, we kicked it off with the Greek Day Festival in Kitsilano.  Let’s face it, we go to these places for the food, not the entertainment and activities.

The first booth we hit was the roasted lamb.  A big hunk of meat with a bun….super tender and fall off the bone.  It’s weird how you can drink beer in Vancouver in non-designated areas in a street festival.  The spanakopita was a little mushy from sitting out too long.

A bowl of Loukoumathes was about $4.  These deep fried dough balls are drizzled in honey and finished off with some sesame seeds.  Made fresh they’re soft and airy on the inside and crispy on the outside!

Our box of Greek sweets left us feeling pretty diabetic.  Everything is soaked in honey!  The baklava was walnut based instead of pistachio which made them a little bitter.  The honey cookies were chewy and delicious.  The filo pastries with the custard filling were particularly good!

There’s a summer full of festivals to eat!


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