phew my art degree didn’t fail me…

5 Jul

what a lovely window view 😐

So once upon a time I managed to get a fine arts degree and although I have absolutely no use for it in any facet of my career, I’m happy to say that after several years of not painting anything, I managed to slap something together for our bedroom.

The bedroom colour has always been hateful…always reminds me of a tobacco stained yellow and painting the whole room was too daunting and time-consuming to even fathom.

Giant vinyl art work seemed ideal but also too expensive so I opted to buy some canvases at Opus at Granville Island across from the Emily Carr school.  I’ve always loved giant pieces of art so I found two canvases that would fill our wall above our  bed.  Covering as much of the gross yellow colour seemed to be my goal.

Because the canvases were big (36″x36″ and 18″x36″) I decided to do something simple that I could accomplish in less than 3 days.  I have piles of unfinished canvases back home because I got way too ambitious for the time I actually had.  Two colours…BAM!  The blue actually ended up brightening up the yellow of the way to a less hateful colour.

The best part is that these guys can travel with me wherever I go!  Sometimes something simple is the best way to go to finishing a project.


One Response to “phew my art degree didn’t fail me…”

  1. The Now-even-more-tattooed One July 5, 2010 at 10:24 am #

    Love it!! Being back in Baltimore and NYC has totally inspired me to be creative again. Time to bust out the instruments and canvases! =) And the 5-Hr energy drink to create enough free time to do it!

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