I ♥ Real Japanese Restaurants…Shuraku Japanese Bistro

23 Jun

On a random stroll down Granville Street in downtown Vancouver, we ventured into Shuraku Japanese Bistro, mostly because we saw a bunch of Japanese kids sitting outside on the patio….it’s gotta be good right?

We soon discovered that this resto was all about tapas style plates not unlike the infamous Guu.  We grabbed a table outside and ordered a few plates.

Our waitress offered us a choice between 3 different kinds of green tea.  We decided on a roasted brown rice green tea that was served in a beautiful cast iron pot.  Presentation was clearly their strong suite.

Read more to see their amazing sushi dishes!

The fish roe sushi came out first.  Plentiful in eggs, simple and fresh.

I ordered their house chirashi and it came in two very adorable boxes!  7 kinds of sashimi sat upon some rice: salmon, sweet egg, tuna belly, spicy negitoro, mackerel and fish roe.  Served with a bit of soy, the fish was so fresh it melted in your mouth!

The next dish was a special eel dish that came with special instructions.  You eat half the rice with the eel and toppings and for the next half, you pour the broth over it and eat it as a soup.  The small dish in the middle had these very tangy pickled radishes that were super strong in flavour!

Yet another simple but deliciously fresh salmon roll.

The Roulette roll had spicy chopped scallop, avocado and cucumber topped with negitoro and lotus root chips with a black seaweed soy sauce.  All those flavours!  Not only was it super pretty to look at but we couldn’t get over how fresh the fish was!

There’s something quite comforting about the patio even though it faces such a busy street. Right above they have installed some heat lamps for when it gets chilly at night.  They’ve even provided fleecy blankets to put on your lap to stay cozy outside.

The restaurant is so thoughtful in their design, even their bathrooms are beautiful!

Our small meal cost around $35 for the two of us which isn’t the cheapest around the block but it was certainly worth it for the flavour and uniqueness!

Atmosphere: 4.5/5
Flavour: 4.5/5
Presentation: 5/5
Uniqueness: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 4/5


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