the perfect burger at Refuel…

17 Jun

One of our favourite neighbourhood restaurants is Refuel at 1944 West 4th Avenue.  Their menu is made up of fancied up homestyle food and traditional bistro-y dishes that are all tasty!  Neither close to pub prices nor fine dining ones, they rank about the middle for price points but use fresh and local ingredients.

Read more to find out about the most amazing burger you’ll ever taste!

What makes their burger so good?  The dry aged beef is hand chopped, meaning, it doesn’t go through a grinder.  They cook it to a nice medium rare, super juicy and flavourful topped with cheese and bacon and no pesky vegetables.  Served with a simple side of fries.  Every time we go back to this place, one of us inevitably orders the burger!

The wild BC salmon was pretty spectacular too.  A few spot prawns adorn the plate with lemon asparagus.  The skin is nice and crispy while the flesh is moist and medium rare.  The salmon was delightfully savoury and cooked to perfection.  Portion-wise, it was slightly small which was a little disappointing since I was starving!

The Glorious Organic salad was breathtaking when it came to our table!  The large slices of beets closely resembled tuna sashimi and the greens had stems of edible flowers.  Dressed with a lime and wildflower honey, this salad was huge!

If you have room after your meal, you must get the peanut and chocolate parfait.  My favourite combo of dessert flavour is peanut butter and chocolate and this dessert is outrageously amazing!  Layers of peanut butter mousse and dark chocolate fudgey sauce line the bottom.  It is then topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, sponge toffee and more of that fudgey sauce.  OMG, every bite is pure heaven!  Something in it is slightly salty which brings out all the flavours and the crisp texture of the toffee is amazing.

This restaurant is a nice treat and a nice change to fine dining restaurants that can be a little stuffy!

Atmosphere: 4/5
Flavour: 4.5/5
Presentation: 3/5
Uniqueness: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3.5/5


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