Edible Candy Playdoh…Strange Japanese Treats

15 Jun

Browsing through a Japanese grocery store in Seattle, we stumbled upon this weird box of what we guessed as candy.  Judging by the illustrations (there wasn’t a lick of English on it except for Popin’ Cookin’), you make the miniature foods out of edible playdoh and it’s fun because it looks real but it’s candy…whoa.

I had to buy a box to see what weirdness lay ahead!

The back of the box had these instructions.  There’s a lot of instructions.  All of which we can’t read.

In true Japanese style, everything inside was packaged individually.  5 packs of powdery stuff, 1 small gelato looking spoon, one eye dropper, some sprinkles, a tray and a yellow block.

Thank goodness the pouches were labeled with numbers!  We matched the pouch numbers to the chamber numbers of the tray and dumped out the contents accordingly.

All our pouches are empty.  Each powder has a distinct artificial candy smell.

Time to add some water!

Some of them mixed up to be doughy like and other were more like a goopy sauce.

All mixed up!

This one had instructions to “chop”.  The ground beef of the spaghetti.

Rolling out the yellow brick to make spaghetti noodles

Makin’ a miniature pizza with red goop

Tada!  Mini pizza with pepperoni, ground beef, tomato sauce, melted cheese and sprinkles?

A heart shaped pizza

Spaghetti with ground beef!

At $5.00 a box, this provided at least 30min of entertainment.  The taste of these treats were…a little gross.  Sickly sweet with a weird texture.

One of us liked it though 🙂


2 Responses to “Edible Candy Playdoh…Strange Japanese Treats”

  1. talesofacrazypsychmajor January 30, 2011 at 4:32 pm #

    what was the name of the store?

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